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Virginians –

On Saturday, January 4th, across the Commonwealth, Terry and I will join thousands of Virginians in a day of service.

This day marks one of many times in which we, as Virginians, gather to honor our communities. We will come together to create a better tomorrow by recommitting ourselves to the future of the Commonwealth and to each other in the name of public service and bettering our localities.

I ask you to lend a hand to those in need. It could be as simple as taking an hour of your day to pick up some trash by the James River, or volunteering at a local food kitchen to help the hungry.

Through volunteering we get connected, we feel that sense of accomplishment, and we learn a little bit more about our neighbors and ourselves. We can all show our love for Virginia, on this day, by doing our part.

Over the course of the next four years I will commit myself to working within our communities to ensure that our Commonwealth’s children don’t go hungry and have access to healthy, nutritious food. I make a promise to enrich the lives of our children by providing education and increasing access to healthy foods.. When we invest in our youth we invest in our future.

I ask you to join in the discussion with me, on how Virginians can all work together to give back to the places we call home. Let this be the first of many discussions in which you share with me your passions and visions for Virginia. Together, with grassroots organizing we move Virginia forward.

I hope that you join me, Saturday, January 4th across the Commonwealth in this Day of Service.

Thank you,


Dorothy McAuliffe